Empower Your Business with SecondCounting: Your Ideal Outsourced Accounting Partner in New Zealand!

Account Outsourcing

Enhancing Financial Precision and Focus

Unleash Accuracy, Amplify Success with Account Outsourcing!

Payroll Outsourcing

Streamlined Efficiency, Happy Workforce

Seamless Payroll, Smiling Employees: Choose Payroll Outsourcing!



Elevate Compliance, Ease Burdens

Navigate Taxes with Confidence: Opt for Tax Outsourcing!

Bookkeeping Outsourcing

Unshackle Productivity, Embrace Growth

From Numbers to Insights: Embrace Bookkeeping Outsourcing!

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Why Choose Us

Serve the Clients Better

Our well-established and trustworthy second outsourcing approach can deliver the responses and remedies for your accounting inquiries. We maintain an internal group of proficient and accredited accountants ready to shoulder the burden of accounting tasks on your behalf. The challenges that many businesses are currently confronting include dwindling profit margins, rising workforce expenditures, and yearly workflow bottlenecks, particularly during tax filing periods. Renowned for our outsourced accounting services in NZ, the EliteMars team is dedicated to unraveling complexities and devising solutions that grant your business essential time and resources to nurture expansion and heightened revenue.

  • Efficient Turnaround: Accelerating Results
  • Commitment Upheld: Delivering on Our Promise
  • Safeguarding Company Data: Your Confidentiality Assured
  • Empowering Your Business Accounting with Robust Infrastructure
“As the CEO of our SecondCounting company, I believe in empowering businesses to excel. Our services reach beyond numbers; we provide the strategic edge that fuels growth. By entrusting us, you free yourself to focus on what truly matters. Together, we navigate the financial landscape, ensuring precision, compliance, and profitability. Let’s forge ahead, harnessing the power of partnership to elevate your success.”

K. Sandhu

CEO / Founder

How Can I Help You

Our mission is to power the future

Embracing outsourcing signifies embarking on a distinct business model, one that might feel unfamiliar initially. Recognizing the potential intimidation this change can evoke, we’re fully attuned to your apprehensions. Our commitment extends beyond mere acknowledgment – we offer comprehensive implementation assistance tailored to facilitate seamless transitions for businesses. Whether you’re navigating uncharted territory or seeking to optimize existing processes, our steadfast support remains unwavering. We’re not just a service provider; we’re your dedicated partners in this transformative journey. Rest assured, your concerns are pivotal to us. We stand ready to engage, listen, and provide solutions that resonate with your unique needs. With our guidance, the shift towards outsourcing becomes an opportunity for growth and innovation, propelled by a trusted ally by your side.

How Can I Help You

Why Choose Us ?

Advanced Accounting

Second Counting brings a wealth of professional accounting experience to the table. Our seasoned team thrives on tackling intricate financial challenges for clients in NZ and AUS. Our track record speaks volumes about our expertise and dedication.

Diverse Clientele

Our clientele at Second Counting spans a wide spectrum, encompassing small to medium-sized enterprises from various industries. Regardless of geographical location or business scale, our accounting services cater to all.

Embracing Technology

Staying up-to-date with evolving technology is our norm at Second Counting. We consistently adopt the latest tools and software to simplify and enhance the accounting process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Simplicity in Services

Experience straightforward assistance at Second Counting. We believe in transparent pricing and flexible terms, eliminating complexities. Our focus is on managing your outsourced accounting needs seamlessly.

Preserving Confidentiality

Client data security is paramount at Second Counting. We uphold the highest standards of confidentiality, safeguarding the sensitive accounting and bookkeeping information entrusted to us.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

At Second Counting, exceptional accounting doesn’t mean exorbitant costs. Our commitment to excellence and affordability shines through. Benefit from top-notch services at competitive rates.

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